Recovery Works is a long-term residential alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation center for men suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Recovery Works is an alternative program, not a treatment center in the traditional sense. Our recovery program helps each man grow from a troubled life of alcohol and drug addiction into a life that most of us take for granted – an ordinary, productive, reasonably happy, and serene life in the real world.

The program is based on a 12-step recovery process which emphasizes our powerlessness over alcohol and drugs. We recognize that only a power greater than ourselves can change the course of our lives.

Recovery Works is located in the peaceful, rural town of Ridge Spring, South Carolina on 12 acres of pasture and farmland. It is a residential recovery program located in South Carolina. Recovery Works is also available to help those in North Carolina, Georgia and the Southeastern United States. It is a healthy environment for the mind, body, and spirit. The residents of the program do the work of the facility including cooking, cleaning, laundry, improvements to the property, growing vegetables in the organic garden, and caring for the chickens, quail, horses and dogs. There are no idle hands at Recovery Works. We believe, constructive work is therapeutic and men thrive when they are contributing and needed.

This program gives residents time to find their purpose in life. It enables them to find the drive within themselves to move into a life with peace and fulfillment.

We believe that one person in recovery helping another person to recover is unparalleled. We get it. We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk. We understand the pain and remorse. We extend the helping hand of sobriety to those who want out of the abyss of addiction. This program offers hope. Contact Us to get started!