About Us

Recovery Works’ approach to recovery offers a proven alternative to traditional short-term inpatient and outpatient programs. Research shows that brains seriously damaged by alcohol and/or drugs can take years to fully heal. Our residents stay an average of six months to 1 year before they are ready to return to their families and communitites with an adequate foundation for their continued recovery.

The recovery program involves a structured, disciplined lifestyle. Early rising, cleanliness, and learning to accept responsibility for one’s actions are among the requirements. Each resident must perform a reasonable amount of work at the facility and contribute to the operation of the structured environment. Mandatory daily 12-step meetings feature lectures, films, and literature. There is individual as well as group sharing by men with many years of sobriety.

Residents are referred to us in a number of ways, including word-of-mouth, professional counselors and agencies, veteran’s organizations, and through the legal system.

The true cost to an individual and his family is the price of not getting help. Job loss, incarceration, the expense of sustaining the substance of choice, and the damage to relationships with family and friends are all ways to experience losses. Quantifying these examples can be staggering when considering a lifelong addiction.

Recovery Works suggests a monthly donation of $1,200 (partial scholarships available) from its residents and/or their families to help cover costs. If a resident is unable to make donations, and he meets the entry requirements, he can still be considered for acceptance to the program. Partial scholarships may be available.

Transitional Housing

Upon the successful completion of this program we do have a transition house available. – The Doctors House –

The Doctors House is an historic home, located in the heart of Ridge Spring, close to the towns’ amenities.

The cost is $150.00 per week which includes all utilities. It enables men to have a continued structured environment. Of course, we also have mandatory meetings and drug screenings at our transition house.


Recovery Works
2269 Ridge Spring Hwy.
Ridge Spring, SC 29129
phone: 803 685-6067
email: RecoveryWorks@live.com

What We Are Not

  • Recovery Works is an alternative program, not a recovery center in the traditional sense. Medical, psychiatric and professional counseling services are not automatically available to residents.
  • Recovery Works is not funded by state or federal dollars. Insurance companies will not pay for our services. We operate and cover expenses solely on charitable contributions and donations from our residents, their families, businesses, and other groups.
  • Recovery Works cannot accept anyone in need of detoxification and does not accept individuals with so-called dual-diagnosis, or those with a history of violence.
  • Recovery Works does not accept men under the age of 18 and prefers men who are older and have experienced the pain and horrors of addiction and who are willing to do whatever it takes to recover.
  • Recovery Works is not a half-way house. Residents are required to commit to full-time residency.
  • Recovery Works is a working facility, meaning that a resident’s physical condition should be such that he is able to contribute to at least moderate on-site work activities on a daily basis.
  • Recovery Works subscribes to the spiritual program and priniciples of 12-step programs but are not affiliated with any specific religious organization.

Our hope and prayer is that we will have the opportunity to help you in your journey to recover.

Flint R. Thomas