Here are some facts about drug and alcohol addiction and recovery.

There are millions of Americans in long term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, improving the lives of individuals, families and communities. It’s important to recognize the impact that drug addiction does have:

  • Almost two-thirds of Americans have friends or family members who have struggled with addiction
  • Over 21 million Americans suffer from addiction or dependence on alcohol and drugs and have yet to experience recovery.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans (66%) view addiction as a form of illness and something individuals cannot remedy alone.
  • One in four people in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction say they have been discriminated against when trying to obtain employment or insurance.
  • Addiction, left untreated, costs Americans more than 100,000 lives and $400 billion each year.
  • Every dollar spent on drug treatment in the community is estimated to return $18.52 in benefits to society in terms of reduced incarceration rates and associated crime costs to taxpayers.

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