Faith Based Addiction Recovery

Recovery Works is a faith-based addiction recovery program in South Carolina. Recovery works serves residents from across the United States. Our program is designed to help men struggling with addiction overcome their hurdle with long-term, sustainable options. We’ve based our program on a 12-step recovery process. While this is common in many treatment centers, Recovery Works goes far beyond the scope of basic traditional treatment. Here’s how.

Recovery From a Spiritual Perspective

Addicts face the problems of physical addiction in addition to the issues caused by spiritual and social stigmas. Addiction causes a disconnection from spirituality. Recovery Works focuses on a traditional 12 step program, but delivers it in a way that addresses spiritual needs and helps residents grow personally. Recovery Works emphasizes the spiritual, faith-based aspect of recovery. Personal growth and spirituality has been shown to make a significant impact on the recovery process. In fact, a Columbia University study found that 79% of Americans believe faith helps addicts recover from addiction.

Encouraging Personal Growth and Traditional Values

Our recovery program is unique, from the very first moment you set foot on the property. Located on 12 acres of bucolic farmland, our grounds are peaceful and encourage introspection. Our program itself encourages growth. Residents are expected to contribute to the program’s community by cooking, cleaning, making improvements, gardening, and caring for the farm’s animals. We believe contributing to the community helps our residents build confidence and value in themselves.

The men stay anywhere from 6 months to a year, and in that time our 12-step program gives them the tools they need to overcome addiction. Program meetings feature films and literature, as well as group sharing. The combination of structured meetings and schedules coupled with a daily workload helps our residents restore their personal spirituality and bridge the gap back into society.

If you would like to learn more about Recovery Works, contact us today.