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Just outside Ridge Spring, SC miracles are continuing to happen. Men who previously lived lives of despair now have the opportunity to live acceptable, responsible, productive lives. The life most of us take for granted, normal, happy, and successful.

Recovery Works Ponderosa is in its sixth year of operation. Recovery Works is a long term, faith based recovery center for men who suffer from the disease of addiction. Recovery Works combines the 12 step program of AA/NA with a unique program of tough love and hard work. Residents commit to a minimum stay of six months. Of residents who have completed the program, 70% continue to live in sobriety.

The men at Recovery Works are taught structure, discipline, and responsibility. In active addiction structure, discipline, and responsibility are absent. Recovery Works believes that hard work is therapeutic. Hard work and spiritual principles are a key part of the journey that is recovery. The residents of Recovery Works do all the work at the facility; cooking, cleaning, laundry, maintenance and yard work.

The residents are taught to be responsible for themselves. They have their own garden which produces fresh vegetables for the kitchen. The residents also tend to the chickens, quail and horses at the facility. Taking care of the animals helps the men to learn to care for themselves. Most of them have been dependent on others all their lives.

“Men feel appreciated when they are able to contribute. Being able to see the results of their work is essential to recovery.” says Director/Founder Flint Thomas. “These men learn to be acceptable, responsible, productive, tax-paying members of their communities. We give men hope for a better life. We plant the seed, God makes it grow”. Thomas also serves as Chaplain for the Ridge Spring Police Department and the Saluda County Sheriff’s Department.

“The men at Recovery Works are also learning about giving back to the community.” says Director of Operations Paul Bartley, who is also the Mayor of Ridge Spring. “Our residents have helped our volunteer Fire Department and with the annual Harvest Festival.” Through this and helping with other civic projects as well as individual requests for assistance, the men learn the benefits of community

In 2013, twenty-five residents completed the six month program at Recovery Works. Men from as far away as Illinois, Ohio, and New Hampshire, as well as from South Carolina and Georgia are living fuller, richer lives. This is a program of recovery that actually works. It is a proven and cost effective alternative to traditional rehabilitation. And it is a program that does not rely on taxpayer monies. Recovery Works does not accept any Federal, State or Local Government funds. They do not accept insurance because they are not a medical facility. Recovery Works is a non-profit 501C3 organization. They rely strictly on the donations of residents and their families and caring people who support the

Recovery Works is making a difference one man at a time. Men who once had only despair now have hope. They are turning from the darkness into the light. Please visit our website and read the testimonials to find out how these men’s lives have changed.

If you know of someone seeking help with alcohol or drug abuse please contact us. Recovery Works Ponderosa, 2269 Ridge Spring Hwy Ridge Spring SC 29129 or call 803-685-6067. E-mail: or visit our website

The services of facilities like Recovery Works are needed now more than ever considering the epidemic of substance abuse not only in our community but all over our great nation. Recovery Works has established a building fund with the goal of doubling resident capacity to help as many men as possible. If you wish to help us help others please send your tax deductible donation to the above address. Remember, treatment helps but recovery works!